Getting started with your new business mobile

Activate your sim card

started with a
new mobile

Ensure your phone is fully charged before using it.

Call us on 0207 183 3744 and we'll activate your service within 2 hours.

Push the SIM out from the holder.

Insert it into your phone.

started with
an existing

  1. Call us on 0207 183 3744 and we'll arrange to transfer your existing mobile number on a day convenient for you
  2. Ensure your phone is fully charged before using it
  3. Push the SIM card out from the holder
  4. Insert it into your phone

Don't forget

You need to save all your contact details from your old SIM card before the date of transfer to make sure you don't lose them.

You can do this by saving the details onto your new phone or backing them up onto your PC.

You must check that your phone is unlocked from a specific network operator prior to the transfer day.

You need to be in the UK on the day in order for the transfer to be successful.

Setting up your handset

On the day of transfer

The transfer will generally take place anytime between 11am - 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Make sure you have both your old and new SIM cards with you. You may experience incoming calls on one SIM card and outgoing calls on the other SIM card as well as some downtime.

You will receive a text with the settings to activate data on your handset. Accept them when they arrive.

If they don't arrive, text 'DATA' to 773000 or go to to have the settings sent to your device. If you need to manually enter your settings, please use the following:

Username: *leave blank*
Password: *leave blank*
MMS Proxy:
Proxy port: 80

For iPhones

You can request settings by texting “DATA” to 773000, Please note only the data APN will be sent through to your Apple device. The MMS and personal hotspot APNs will need to be manually entered.

APN Settings

For iOS 13 and above you need to complete additional steps once you have received your text with the URL

Once you have clicked on the URL in you text response from 773000 you will need to Allow the website to download the settings, once complete, you will be promoted to “install” the settings by going to your “settings” menu on the device and follow the following steps:

Settings > General> Profiles and select Downloaded profile
Click Install
Enter your device password
Confirm Install

MMS Settings

User Name: leave blank
Password: leave blank
MMS proxy:
MMMS Max Message Size: 307200

If you are running iOS 13 or above you will need to power cycle your device before the settings take effect. If you try to send an MMS before doing this, it will not work.

Personal Hotspot

Tap settings > Mobile Data > Mobile data options > Mobile data network

Personal hotspot:
Username -
Password -
Tap the left arrow at the top three times.
Press the home button.

You may be prompted to enable LTE (4G) on the handset. If prompted to do so tap enable LTE.

To check if your device is LTE (4G) enabled:
Tap > settings > Mobile data > Mobile data options > Voice & data
If you still haven't been able to set up your service, please view our range of videos to help you configure your handset here.

Once you have received one of these messages...

'SIM registration failed' or 'Network Unavailable' you have been disconnected from your old network.

  • Switch your phone off and remove your old SIM card
  • Ensure your new SIM is inserted correctly
  • Switch the phone on and the Gamma symbol will appear on your screen
  • Your number has now been successfully transferred, however it may take up to 24 hours to fully activate the service
  • It may help to complete the transfer by removing and then replacing the battery from the phone whilst it is turned on

Configuring your handset

Most mobile devices will come with a phone setup wizard, which is useful for setting up standard features such as time and date etc. For more info, go to

Our Customer Service number, 0207 183 3744 is pre-programmed into your SIM under 'Customer Service'.

Make a note of your phone's IMEI Number

If you lose your phone and you are able to tell us your IMEI number, we can blacklist your handset. This means that it will not be able to be connected to any UK network. Do this by dialling *#06# on your handset.

Cancel your voicemail settings

If you are using your existing phone, make sure all previous voicemail numbers and diverts are deleted from your current phone memory to avoid any difficulties with your new voicemail service.

Setting up voicemail

The voicemail service on your new SIM card should already be configured so it can be used immediately.

Information about the voicemail structure can be found here

If you are asked for a pin code

Your default PIN number for your SIM card is 0000 should you need it.

Please note if you enter your PIN code incorrectly three times your SIM card will be blocked to all calls.

To unblock your sim card

You will need to obtain a PUK code (Personal Unblocking Key) by calling us on 0207 183 3744.

Going abroad

If you plan on going abroad or need to make international calls (calls from the U.K. to overseas numbers) please call us to ensure the international and roaming bars are lifted.

When you arrive, your phone will automatically search for a local network. If it doesn't, you can manually search to select the local preferred network.

Worried about Data while abroad?

Call us on 0207 183 3744 to add a data roaming bolt-on or to opt out of automatic data barring.

Lost of stolen phones

If your phone is lost or stolen, please call us on 0207 183 3744 and we will bar your SIM card.

If you lose your phone and you are able to tell us your IMEI number, we can blacklist your handset. This means that it will not be able to connect to any UK network. Do this by dialling *#06# on your handset.

Customer services

If you need to contact our customer services team, call 0207 183 3744.